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Panna Cotta Story

In a culture that thrives on visual communication, members of the Deaf Community find comfort and support in the interactions that take place with each other.

Events with the purpose of “getting together” may have a generic start time, but the end time is virtually non-existent as friends gather for hours on end, taking advantage of every opportunity to express (share) their life’s experiences one with another. An ideal environment for such cherished communications may include surface areas to set down drinks and plates of food; also, sitting at a round table provides better visual accessibility.

While no cuisine is singular to Deaf Culture here in America, food may be chosen for its simplicity in eating with one hand—facilitating one-handed signing, and uninterrupted conversations. Panna cotta is a great example of a simple dessert that can be eaten with one hand free to continue communications.

Submitted by Janelle Bullock (BYU ASL Coordinator) and Professor Samond Bishara (Center for Language Studies)

History of Panna Cotta

Voiced by: Janelle Bullock & Samond Bishara

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