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Everything We Love Cookies Story

What does a cookie have to do with the inter-disciplinaries humanities program? IHUM gives students lots of options, letting students pursue their interest in literature, film, art, music, and more.

You also get to specialize in one of the things you love the most, partly by taking the other great courses throughout the college. These cookies are designed to give you options to explore.

Yes, at their core they are a chocolate chip cookie, but what makes these great is that you can add or subtract other ingredients as you like. You can add things like dried fruit (no raisins please!), potato chips, nuts, or whatever else you are bold enough to try.

Submitted by Robert Colson, Comparative Arts and Letters

History of IHUM Cookies

Voiced by: Robert Colson

@byuhumanities The cookbook saves lives. Check the link in our bio for those recipes! #byu #cookbook #humanitiesmajor #humanities #greenscreen ♬ sweet caroline but dark academia - 7\
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